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At Signature Automotive Accessories, we carry a huge selection of automotive accessories for your car, truck, van, SUV, and even golf cart. No matter if you’re looking for a lift kit or a remote starter, we’re sure to have what you need to transform your vehicle into whatever you need. Some of our services include:


Signature Automotive Accessories is your one-stop commercial upfitter for transforming any vehicle into a work-ready service tool. We use innovative, ergonomic, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly products in every upfit installation. Paired with our skilled design services, purchasing upfitting from Signature Automotive Accessories is the right decision. We’re the preferred choice for any company or individual looking to reduce costs and increase productivity.


Whether you need to add basic van interior shelving or a ladder rack system, we can help. We work with professional contractors, commercial businesses, and fleet suppliers to create custom specialized upfit configurations for any public utility or municipality. Our products and services can help you improve your work flow efficiency, reduce inventory damages, and more. Let us help you get your job done, whatever it may be.


At Signature Automotive Accessories, we strive to understand the day-to-day demands of your business and to offer you the upfit products and services you need to meet those stringent demands and needs. Our management and staff are committed to providing you—our valued customer—the very best experience when choosing an upfit partner.


Transform your vehicle with lighting upgrades inside and out. We can help give you increased visibility and viewing even in the worse weather with LED and HID light kits for any situation. Our professional upgrades can make a huge difference for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, and more. Our lighting packages include:

  • Headlight Kits
  • Off-Road LED Bars
  • Undertow Lighting
  • Footwell Kits
  • Bulb Upgrades
  • Fog And Driving Lights
  • And more…

Security and Safety

If you’re ready to transform your car, truck, van, and SUV into a safer, more security-conscious vehicle, we can help. At Signature Automotive Accessories, we believe that technological upgrades can help you drive more safely and feel better on the road. We carry everything from Bluetooth conversion kits to backup cameras, alarm systems, lane departure systems, and more.

  • Back-up Cameras: Add safety and convenience to your vehicle by installing a built-in camera and video screen to help you see the rear of your vehicle and to warn you before you hit anything.
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Kits: With a hands-free Bluetooth kit you can keep your hands and eyes on the road while making a call, listening to text messages, and more.
  • Breathalyzer: If you were pulled over for a DUI, you may have to install a breathalyzer for safe driving. We can help.
  • Cameras – Internal & External: Let our team install cameras for backing up and security. We can also install interior cameras to make it easier than ever to watch the kids in the back seat.
    Car Security Integration: We carry a range of car alarm and security systems, which use cutting edge technology to protect your car from thieves.
  • Collision Avoidance: We carry everything from blind spot detection systems to lane departure warning systems and even parking sensor systems to keep you from a collision.
  • Navigation Systems: Let us help you get from point A to point B with a navigation system that takes you step-by-step to your destination.
  • Radar Detectors: Don’t get caught by the cops because you weren’t paying attention to your speed. We can install radar detectors to help you spot a cop before they spot you.
  • Window Tinting: Reduce your car heat and extend the life of your interior upholstery and other materials with window tinting.

Lift Kits

Whether you’re looking for amazing off-road performance or a new aggressive look for your vehicle, we have the lift kits that you need for your vehicle. We can help you find the right lift kit for your jeep, truck, or SUV for the outstanding performance you’re looking for!

Remote Start

Are you looking for a better way to start your car during the freezing winter months and blistering summer? Then you want a remote starter system to help you start your car from inside the house, the store, or across the street.


Signature Automotive Accessories carries the best remote start kits from some of the top manufacturers such as Compustar and Viper. These products are high-quality, come with lifetime warranties, and include extra features such as USB charging that you won’t want to be without.


Call today to ask about our various products including the range (up to three miles), price, and more.

Car Audio

From stereos to speakers and amplifiers, we have everything you could need to transform your car audio experience. We carry the top brands in the industry to help you upgrade you car’s audio system to a custom experience that will knock you out. Whether you’re looking for a custom speak box design and fabrication, or a budget car audio system we have the right products for you.

Marine, ATV, & Golf Cart Upgrades

Our company takes care of all vehicle types, not just cars. No matter if you’re looking to update your audio and video system in your boat, ATV, or golf cart we can help. We offer best-in-class marine and power sport audio, lighting, video, and window tinting.


We’ve been installing remote starters, audio systems, and more since they’ve been around. Our team of experts knows how to upgrade your car, marine, or power sport vehicle with whatever you need. Our technicians have years of experience installing the latest products and working with cutting-edge technology to give you a quality installation that’s correct the first time.

RV Repair, Detailing & Restoration

All RV Repairs: 

  • Rubber roof preventative maintenance
  • RV winterization and De-winterization
  • Appliance and accessory check
  • Slideout maintenance service
  • RV Electonic
  • RV window tinting

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“I’ve been having him work on my vehicles since I was 16. His experience shows in his work. Worked on my cars my boat and did some custom lighting on my motorcycle.”


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